Credits and Ranks

Getting credits it’s really easy! You just need to register, login and get involved!
Write comments, view posts, return to the website, post activity on your wall, upload your nude photos or porn videos!

If you don’t want to get involved, you can always buy your credits.

With $2 you get 1000 credits! With this credit you can watch up to 100 porn videos!
We say it’s a bargain!

What can you do with your credits? Well, watch and view private content, which is not available otherwise.

All the videos are private, and most of them require just 10 credits to unlock. Longer video (more than 5 minutes) require a few more extra credits.
Once you unlocked a video, you can watch it how many times you want!

You also get levels for your credits! Besides the reputation and trust,
you gain coupons at certain levels, redeeming extra credits and content. Starting with level 7, you will see no ads! Never 🙂

The history of your credits will be available on your profile, on “My History”, where you can see for what you got credits and how many.

You will also see your latest credits on the sidebar.

So let’s see how many credits you get for your activities:

  • +100 credits for submitting a post – with your local nude pics or a porn/nude video. Your post will gain you extra credits when it’s viewed, rated, commented etc. So you will always get extra credits for it! Even with just one post you will get enough credits to watch many videos daily.
  • +5 credits for posting a comment. If you comment gets deleted by an admin, you will lose these 5 credits.

    If one of your comments is marked as spam, you will lose 6 credits.

    Users can give you credits for your comment, so make great comments!;

  • if you decide to upload galleries, you will get extra credits for each image you upload in the gallery.

    You will get paid for your posts, forever! For each view of a registered user, you get 2 credits.

    If you post gets featured, you get 400 bonus credits, for each featured post.

    Whenever a user makes a comment on your post, you get +3 credits! Yes, for each comment, on any of your posts.

    Whenever a user likes your post, you get +3 credits!

    Your videos will be available only to those who unlock them – so you will get credits EVERY time a user unlocks one of your videos! +2 credits for every minute, so the longer the video, the bigger the reward.

    If you manage to reach the top 3 of highest rated pics/ videos, or on popular pics/videos you will get bonus credits

    So more posts, more credits! Basically if you upload your pics or videos, you are a premium member forever!

    You can post a minimum of one photo or a video in a post. Minimum resolution is 640px. Very large images are allowed;

  • +5 credit for inviting a friend by email. +50 if that friend accepts the invitation which is sent by email.
    Sending invitation is simple – you have the form in the sidebar and on your profile. ;
  • +0.30 credits for rating a post (maximum 10 credits/day)
  • +0.30 credits for liking a post (maximum 10 credits/day)
  • +50 additional credits earning a badge (these are extra credits, besides the ones you get for each badge)
  • +10 credits for sending feedback, and +5 credits for requesting local pics
  • For the activity on profiles:
  • +0.20 Credits for Profile Updates (daily limit 20)
  • +0.10 Credits for New Avatar
  • +1 Credit for New Friendships
  • +1 Credit for New Comment on profiles, user updates.
  • +0.10 Credits for New Messages
  • +0.10 Credits for Sending Gift
  • +0.50 Credits for New Group Comment
  • +500 Credits for Creating a Group (you get the credit when the group reaches 50 members)

And the ranks:

  1. Virgin 0 – 100
  2. Warming Up 101 – 300
  3. Teasing 301 – 900
  4. Undressing 901 – 1800
  5. Half Naked 1801 – 3000
  6. Getting Nasty 3001 – 5000
  7. Stark Naked 5001 – 8000
  8. All Wet 8001 – 13000
  9. Home Run 13001 – 25000
  10. King of Porn 25001 – 95000
  11. 95000+ Super Admin + tons of cash! (or fame…)

Even if you spend your credits, your rank will not drop, because we calculate your total credits ever had, not just the current credits.

What are you waiting for?! Start becoming active, win credits and increase your level, or, better yet – spend your credits!