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You get 1000 credits for $2. The minimum is 1000 credits. Buy as many more credits as you want.
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For example, if you send $10, you will get 5000 credits. With these credits, you can unlock up to 500 awesome local porn videos of your choice!

Your credits never expire! They will stay in your account until you use them.

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Pay with Paypal

Send as much $ as you want to [email protected],
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Visit, login into your account, and transfer the amount of money you want to [email protected]
Write your username in the details (or notes) when you send the payment. That’s all.

Now wait a bit (a few minutes to a few hours), we manually verify your payment and give you the credits you paid for.
We will send you a confirmation email once we credited your account.

You will also receive the premium member badge, that will be visible on your profile, forever, as a sign of our appreciation.

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